Late Move Bumps A Win For Faulk

A familiar trait of starting in the back of the pack is nothing new for Faulk. Already running the earlier fixed race on Wednesday afternoon, qualifying was not the agenda. Especially, at ISM Raceway(Phoenix). Patience, patience, and more patience overruled all other task in the race. 18 cautions for 72 laps in the first race, along with 8x contact. Let just be patient in this race told to the driver in the field from all other drivers.

Starting 29th of the registered 35 drivers. Cautions are bound to happen at the start of NASCAR Series events. Thinking in the seat of the FSR Motorsports Esited Your Upload Chevy Camaro, run your race with awareness. Long behold cautions would come out on laps 1, and 4 early.

By lap 31. Faulk had moved in the top 15 with exception of the three car pile up in turn three. We all thought we had some green flag pit stops about to happen. A trend of cautions started to happen about every 7 to 15 laps or so. The pack would finally settle down to race for about 30 more laps.

Really focusing on trying to stay in the top 5 in the ladder part of the race, it was time to get patiently aggressive. Guessing that some of the other drivers were thinking the same, but not patient enough brought out the 10th caution. A “close call to close to call” happened with Faulk dodging a spinning car on the front stretch with just enough room to squeeze by.

Gathering composure again, it was up to the pit crew to get the position back for the late race restart. Only .200 of a sec was the spread of lap times from the top 6 cars. Two particular cars Faulk had his eyes on after the 13.1-sec pit stop. The 2nd and 3rd place cars were both “aggressively” fast.

That 13.1-sec stop put Faulk in position to take the lead in the dog leg for the last 25 lap stretch. Battling one another with consistent laps would place us 5th place after the yellow comes out on lap 145.

None of the top 8 cars would take tires, as track position was too valuable this late in the race. All being on at least 15 to 20 laps old Goodyears would surely play a part on the last green flag start. Being aggressive should only be played when to a drivers advantage. Faulk would take advantage of the two aggressive drivers mentioned earlier. Missing the first slide into turn one would gain second place psoistion.

With only three laps left, it seemed it was over until the leader got way loose hugging the yellow curve off turn four. That would be another opportunity to move in on some else’s mistake. Having to correct the car by slowing way down, the leader thought a block move was right at that moment almost causing us to wreck on the front stretch.

That move only gave a tremendous run into turn one for Faulk. Pinching the FSR Motorsports Chevy down with not much room for a mistake. Faulk gave the bump for the win. It was a long awaited bump for a win. “Wasn’t going to let up there”, Faulk told the other FSR Motorsports member who all finished in the top 5 with one tech issue. The burnout was a stand still moment for FSR.

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