FSR Motorsports 2019 Daytona 24

January 19th, 2019

By Bryan Tong 1/15/19


Its our 3rd running of the Daytona 24 hour event on iRacing. To give a little history we have entered this even 3 times with 2 different vehicles and we have gone from 1 to 2 car entries and this year back to a single car entry. I believe this year we are going to have the best run yet. Before getting started on the details lets talk about how much of a privilege this is. Our hearts have always desired racing but the truth that it is an unattainable goal for most if not all of us in the real world is a truth we have to come to terms with. We can only be so blessed to have iRacing come to its fruition in our lifetimes while depending on the might of technology to provide it. Let’s have a blast this year and really show everyone the racers we are! Field size is 55, these splits will be large. Most of all have fun and make this 24 one to remember! We are running within 10 minutes of the real life race (in sim time, meaning that the real schedule remains the same) so we will be well synced up this year that should be fun.

Special Notes

  • There is a 240 incident limit this year
  • We are running the Saturday split that starts at 8AM EST, 7AM CT, 6AM MTN, and 5AM PST
  • Our car is the Audi R8 LMS, We are running the v2 race setup that has been worked on over the past 3 weeks
  • Qualifying is attached to the race session, which I believe makes myself (Bryan Tong) the qualifying driver. This doesn’t cause us any friction compared to some teams but it is an important note to keep in mind.
  • I went through the logs of the older 24s and establish a baseline fuel window of 54 laps (this leaves a 5 lap buffer) we will be rolling off with 29 gallons of fuel. I am going to use a lap average of 1:48 for scheduling. Thus our pace will be 96 minutes per driver or 1 hour 36 minutes each. Each driver gets 3 equal size shifts, the tires left on the table will be a good thing.


  • NOTE: Each stop time should be treated with a 30 minute buffer going each way.
  • NOTE 2: If a driver damages the car during their run, proceed on schedule and pit regardless of fuel in the car.
  • NOTE 3: Each pitstop will be taking 29 gallons of fuel and 4 tires

1/19/19 – 7:30 AM EST, Bryan Tong (5:30 AM MTN) logs in and signs up, prepares
1/19/19 – 8:00 AM EST, Bryan Tong loads into session and starts warmup
1/19/19 – 8:30 AM EST, Bryan Tong starts qualifying
1/19/19 – 8:38 AM EST, Qualifying completes, grid opens
1/19/19 – 8:40 AM EST, Race officially begins Bryan Tong as first driver (6:40AM MTN local)
1/19/19 – 10:16 AM EST, Jay Collins starts shift 1 (10:16 AM EST local) stop 1
1/19/19 – 11:52 AM EST, Chris Faulk starts shift 1 (11:52 AM EST local) stop 2
1/19/19 – 01:28 PM EST, John Signore starts shift 1(01:28 PM EST local) stop 3
1/19/19 – 03:04 PM EST, John Kenyon starts shift 1 (12:04 PM PST local) stop 4
1/19/19 – 04:40 PM EST, Bryan Tong starts shift 2 (02:40 PM MTN local) stop 5
1/19/19 – 06:16 PM EST, John Kenyon starts shift 2 (03:16 PM PST local) stop 6
1/19/19 – 07:52 PM EST, Chris Faulk starts shift 2 (07:52 PM EST local) stop 7
1/19/19 – 09:28 PM EST, John Signore starts shift 2 (09:28 PM EST local) stop 8
1/19/19 – 11:04 PM EST, Jay Collins starts shift 2 (11:04 PM EST local) stop 9
1/20/19 – 12:40 AM EST, Bryan Tong starts shift 3 (10:40 PM MTN local) stop 10
1/20/19 – 02:16 AM EST, John Kenyon starts shift 3 (11:16 PM PST local) stop 11
1/20/19 – 03:52 AM EST, Chris Faulk starts shift 3 (03:52 AM EST local) stop 12
1/20/19 – 05:04 AM EST, John Signore starts shift 3 (05:04 AM EST local) stop 13
1/20/19 – 06:28 AM EST, Jay Collins starts shift 3 (06:28 AM EST local) stop 14

Event Details

iRacing Presents The 24 Hours of Daytona

The 24 Hours of Daytona is a 24 Hour endurance race held at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Date: January 18th-20th
Timeslot #1 – Saturday 01:00 GMT | Friday 8PM EST
Timeslot #2 – Saturday 13:00 GMT | Saturday 8AM EST THIS IS OUR SLOT!

Track: Daytona International Speedway – Road Course
License – D 4.0 Road
Sim Date (Time of Day Setting): January 19, 2019
Sim Start Time (Time of Day Setting): 2:00 PM

Warmup: 30 Minutes
Qualifying: Attached & Solo – 8 Minutes for 2 Laps
Race: 24 Hours
Weather: Dynamic
Splits By: iRating
Team Event: Yes
Incident Limit: 240 BE CAREFUL THIS IS NEW
Field Size : 55
Cars & Class:
DP: Chevrolet Corvette C7 Daytona Prototype
GTE: Ferrari 488 GTE | Ford GT – 2017 | Porsche 911 RSR

Upon the weeks of practicing, working on the set up, sharing ideas on what would help the car, tips to help each other on how to handle the car, to the sweet paint scheme. The time to race was here. FSR Motorsports drivers Bryan Tong, John Signore, John Kenyon, Jay Collins, and Chris Faulk teamed up for the event. Over the previous 24 hour race events, we were very new to the endurance road racing. Just trying to finish the race. Here in 2019, we have learned a lot from the daily series of road racing that iRacing offers.

After warm up session. Qualifying was attached to the race this year, along with race splits set by iRating. Something new for the race in 2019, also along with Day to Night transitioning. Everyone was anticipating it all.

Bryan Tong layed down a 5th place qualifying lap of 1:44.584 in the IMSA2 GT3 class. Placing us 34 start spot overall. That would set the tone for the race. Server issues played a part, a major part at the start of the race. Patience, and previous experience of issues of such didn’t affect Tong. After about 30 minutes after the green flag, things settled down with the server.

Screenshots of Team FSR Motorsports at The Rolex 24hrs @ Daytona

Due to the server issues at the beginning of event, our streaming highlights of the race were put on hold.

Pit stops, driver changes, and the test of endurance would take place. After the first round of driver changes, FSR Motorsports stood a strong top ten in the GTE 3 class. All throughout the race communication, spotting, and encouragement prevailed a top ten finish for team. A 6th place finish in the IMSA2 GT3 class, and 26th overall is a better team effort than last years finish.

FSR Motorsports will continue to run in the “Endurance” series throughout the 2019 racing season. Special thanks to all the members on to the race team for all the efforts put in to completing the 24 hour event. It tested us.