About Us

Our team all started from a single-car team back in February of 2016. Team Owner “Chris Faulk” did not set out for the team to be what it is today. It was a single-car sim race team, specifically, about the owner himself. “Faulk Sim-Racing,” was formed.

Faulk Sim Racing lasted as a solo team for about four months. Faulk, linked up with a former teammate from an organization named “Jay-Adair Racing.” Steve Moore was the first initial partner to come aboard the team. Steve is a valuable asset to the team. We call him the “Setup Tweaker.”

Team VP, “John Signore was invited to the team from his aggressive style of racing. His racing wasn’t the reason he was invited to the team. He was known already through oval class racing on iRacing.com. Signore was welcomed with no hesitation.

“John Kenyon” FSR”s second “VP” was found out on the track as well. He was racing at the famed “Daytona International Speedway.” Kenyon helped the team owner get the win by pushing the Faulk Sim Racing chevy to the front. Since that moment, he has grown to be a household name at FSR. John is also our team painter. He has formed his paint shop found on our site. Below are his three handmade logos.

In July of 2016, we created FSR Motorsports. A team for racers and friends. Everything done here is for the team. Knowledge of racing setups and a website was formed FSR-Motorsports. Since the formation, we have what you see now. 

Continuing to race, as usual, we eventually added more value to our team. Keith Vaughn was a known name from class racing from the previous year. It was a natural thing to welcome him to the team. Jay Collins was also a known name out on the track, just like the other members on our team. We are all known through another member. 

Just as our team sponsor, “Bryan Tong.” Found through “Sig,” he was invited in late 2016. Since joining, he has opened his resources to the team. Bryan owns the dedicated server network called “ESITED,” which is our main sponsor. FSR Motorsports uses his system for web, and file storage. FSR thanks Bryan for his contributions to our team.

FSR Motorsports First Paint Scheme