Rookie Chris E. Faulk now on the team.

Team Owner Chris Faulk has brought along his son to the team. Rookie Chris E. Faulk, has watched many race’s behind his dad. Claiming the #24, his NASCAR inspiration has been always been “Jeff Gordon”. He has recently become hooked to iRacing when he tried it out for the first time. The team has already come together to help out. Stay tuned for his update throughout.

FSR Motorsports Season 4 Update

FSR Motorsports has open its website doors for service.  The website has been down due to life circumstances. We are up, and running full strength for the 2018 Season 4 of iRacing. Our team of drivers have a wide variety of skills. Putting the all together forms what we have at FSR Motorsports.

What we’ve been doing since our time away.

Summer time always brings family vacations, more work at work, and just taking a break from iRacing. Since we weren’t racing for a championship this year, we have focused more on road course racing. Enjoying the experience of learning a different style of racing is a challenge. Our guys have worked consistently on getting better at turning right, more so then left.  We’ve opened up the the VRS Endurance Series, IMSA, and the endurance events throughout the year. We look forward to what Season 4 of 2018 will bring us.