New FSR Team Paint Mercedes AMG GT3

J Kenyon @ KENYON GRAPHICS adds another paint job to the stable the Mercedes AMG GT3

FSR Motorsports 24hr Audi R8 LMS Paint

The Battle @ Lime Rock

Fanatec Global Challenge Race 1 at Lime Rock Park

Green Flag drops as they race into turn 1

Nestled in the Berkshire Mountains in the Northwest corner of Connecticut lays Lime Rock Park, where the first race of the Fanatec Global Challenge started. It was an intense field of drivers on a beautiful partly cloudy day all competing for a championship season.

Driver John Kenyon Holding his own while being chased by the other drivers
John Kenyon Heading to a 4th place finish

5 Series Chosen To Run

With so many options to choose from on . Drivers John Kenyon, & Chris Faulk have decided to contend in these series for championship runnings. Familiar with, & consistently understanding road racing. 

These series caught the eye of the two. Reviewing the schedules, car’s that they had to have, and time of course. The following series were a lock.

We look forward to streaming the races for your entertainment viewing. Stay tuned as the season starts Monday night at 7 PM Est.