FSR Media

Our team works with different types of software, hardware, and programs that help us out on the race track. Below is some recommended software to help racers. 

Software Programs

Z1 Dashboard has been used by FSR-Motorsports for years now. A very helpful tool when racing on simulators. 
Trading Paints is a must for iRacers. This program will custom paint schemes to be seen rather than the default schemes that iRacing.com provides. 

Open Broadcast Software is a free streaming software that will allow others to view races that you stream. 
JRT is an application for iRacing. It’s not a simple timing table, it has been thought to be able to be used in the race thanks to well-studied color codes. It works also with replays that could be useful to make overlays on videos after a race or to comment races delayed.

Crew Chief has become a popular tool for sim racers. This application acts just like its name. A crew chief.