5 Series Chosen To Run

With so many options to choose from on iRacing.com . Drivers John Kenyon, & Chris Faulk have decided to contend in these series for championship runnings. Familiar with, & consistently understanding road racing. 

These series caught the eye of the two. Reviewing the schedules, car’s that they had to have, and time of course. The following series were a lock.

We look forward to streaming the races for your entertainment viewing. Stay tuned as the season starts Monday night at 7 PM Est. 

2019 Season 1 Web Update

FSR Motorsports website is back in form for the new updated 2019 racing season on iRacing.com. In this web update, we have included complete schedules for upcoming series. *NASCAR iRacing.com Series Schedule Pending*, and finalized our template. 

WordPress, & D3DGear tutorials are complete for members to view. The tutorial will explain how to post to the website, how to upload files to the server, and how to use the “Free” photo taking software from iRacing.

We have also added About Us, and Contact Us Pages to the site. 

More updates will be posted weekly for our site. Thank you in advance. 

FSR WordPress Tutorial Coming

WordPress Tutorial

FSR Motorsports webmaster Chris Faulk, plans to rebuild the website for member’s and visitor’s of the team. The tutorial will display how to create a new post, add media, add an event to our calendar, post links right into your post.